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Wellness Your Way

Healthy Eating Lifestyle at Amilla Maldives

Amilla Fushi is a pioneer in ensuring that guests in the Maldives can follow their ‘eating lifestyle’ whilst enjoying the food they love at our island resort. We recognize that wellness starts with the fuel you put into your body, so we offer a variety of plant-based options, low carb/keto specialties, gluten-free, dairy-free, and low lectin dishes. Whatever your path to Wellness is, we are here to walk beside you.

At Amilla, the Maldives food lifestyle-friendly resort, we are serious about the wellness of our guests and we are here to help you follow or try out lifestyle eating. Ask our friendly wait team for a dedicated Wellness your Way menus that cover the following special eating lifestyles.

Additionally, we offer our guests a range of ethically sourced, humane raised, grass-fed beef, lamb, chicken, and fish. Our supply partners care for their animal's welfare and the produce tastes all the better for it. For more information click here

This ultra-low-carb, high in healthy fats way of eating is gaining popularity around the world and at Amilla Fushi we have been able to support this lifestyle with everything from MCT oil to bulletproof coffee and baked items. VIEW MENU HERE

This so-called Caveman diet consists of eating meats, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. We support this with our offering of activated nuts, coconut, and grass-fed meats. Our mini-bar snacks are also paleo. VIEW MENU HERE

Reducing the intake of carbohydrate-heavy foods can help to slim down and avoid that heavy feeling post meals. We offer a wide variety of low carbohydrate dishes including Konjac pasta, almond flaxseed rolls, and coconut flour battered fish. We even have a delicious coconut raspberry ice cream made without sugar. VIEW MENU HERE

With dishes designed by our visiting chef, Tora Olsson, our kitchen is able to produce delicious plant-based meals that are sure to satisfy. VIEW MENU HERE

Gone are the days of gluten-free bread-like cardboard here at Amilla Fushi you can dine on delicious soft sandwich bread, crispy pizza bases, and homemade seedy crackers that are also naturally low carb. All are naturally gluten-free and tasty. VIEW MENU HERE

If lactose is an issue for you, at Amilla we can offer you a variety of dishes. We make our own plant-based milk on the island that is also preservative and sugar-free as well as delicious coconut yogurt made from the fruit of the 2500+ coconut tree growing on our naturally lush island. VIEW MENU HERE

We make a wide range of homemade@amilla fermented beverages on the resort. There is a range of 8 different kombuchas as well as Lacto-fermented lemonade, natural ginger beer, and milk kefir. In our effort to reduce food waste we make delicious mango soda and tepache using leftover fruit items. Our kitchen team also come to the party with a range of fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, and delicious yogurts. VIEW MENU HERE

If you have any further requirements, our chefs are happy to cook something up to your preferences. Our Wellness team is available to meet you when you arrive at Amilla to perfect your meal plans.