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Alchemy Bar in Maldives

Alchemy Bar at Amilla

Through detailed research, Javvu Spa has developed a variety of plant-based remedies that combine the modern herbalism with the ancient knowledge of the local Maldivian medicine, Dhivehi Beys, enclosing all the properties and powers of freshly picked herbs, making them available for your daily homecare routines.

Discover Javvu Spa's range of homemade soaps‚ scrubs and balms, featuring fresh ingredients grown here on our beautiful island. Amilla’s ‘Alchemy Bar’ offers guests the chance to learn how to use these heavenly combinations of herbs and oils to make their own products. Our homegrown ingredients include coconut oil and aloe vera‚ as well as therapeutic herbs such as neem, lemongrass, mint, and aromatic flowers including jasmine‚ wild marigolds, and hibiscus. The instructor leads a fun class where you can learn about the benefits of the natural ingredients and how to combine them into your own fragrant blend. You can take your personalized creations back to your Villa or Residence to enjoy the wonderful benefits of your beauty potions, or take them home with you as a little reminder of paradise.

We now make our soaps, scrubs, and balms on-site as part of our drive towards helping make Amilla Maldives even more sustainable. Our organic gardens help provide many ingredients for the kitchens‚ bars and spa‚ under our Homegrown@Amilla program. This means we require fewer ingredients and products to be flown in, which helps lower our carbon footprint.