• Мальдивское впечатление на выбор
  • Еженедельный морской круиз
  • Ежедневное чаепитие с 16.00 до 17.00
  • Приглашения на VIP мероприятия
  • Бутылка шампанского
  • Спа-процедура 50 мин на гостя с 9.00 до 13.00
  • Коктейль в 1OAK Lounge после 21.00
  • Стирка 5 вещей на гостя в день
  • Check-in прямо на на вилле   
  • Уровень Coral в Программе лояльности  

Maldives Spa Resort


We offer a holistic approach to your wellness journey at the Amilla Maldives spa resort. Our programmes encompass cuisine, spa, movement, and mindfulness. Authentic. Tailor-made. Contemporary.

Spa and Wellness

Wellness Packages

Our wellness packages are designed to fit in with your holiday. While some group activities are scheduled private activities can be booked to fit around sun bathing, snorkelling and family time. Maximum wellness will be reached with a 7 day package however shorter packages can be accommodated. You will receive a detox bath ceremony set up on your first and last nights in your room.


Discover our serene spa retreat; Maldives-inspired traditions meet the best techniques of the East and West. A leafy sanctuary where we can help you rebalance mind, body and soul.


From group or private yoga and pilates to private gym pods and our fun Jungle Gymnasium – a plethora of options. Don’t miss our jungle running track either.


Join a workshop at Amilla's Alchemy Bar. Learn how to make bath and beauty products using fresh flowers, coconut oil and herbs grown on our island.


Treat yourself to a unique ‘Amilla Glamping’ experience in a private beachside location. Choose between one of three luxury bubble tent experiences featuring champagne, a private chef, sauna, and plunge pool.


This multi-sensory light, sound and vibration therapy helps melt away anxiety and stress. Sensora has even been used in the treatment of insomnia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, depression. Choose between RELAX, ENERGY, BALANCE AND MEDITATION. Feel restored and revived by the colours, motion and sound frequencies.

Visiting Practitioners

Specialist practitioners, experts in their craft, ensure individually-tailored treatments, Amilla Maldives resort offers wellness, health, and beauty.