• Мальдивское впечатление на выбор
  • Еженедельный морской круиз
  • Ежедневное чаепитие с 16.00 до 17.00
  • Приглашения на VIP мероприятия
  • Бутылка шампанского
  • Спа-процедура 50 мин на гостя с 9.00 до 13.00
  • Коктейль в 1OAK Lounge после 21.00
  • Стирка 5 вещей на гостя в день
  • Check-in прямо на на вилле   
  • Уровень Coral в Программе лояльности  

Events and Entertainment

Курорты На Море в Мальдивах

Амилла олицетворяет философию и стиль жизни. Вот почему отель Amilla выделяется среди других 5-звездочных курортов Мальдив.


DJ Tappu

Hailing from the Maldives, DJ Tappu's passion for music started from a very early age. With over 16 years of experience, Tappu has performed at various music festivals in Thailand and Sri Lanka , and as a resident DJ for Maldivian resorts. He plays a wide range of musical genres, with specialities in hip hop, R&B, and house.


Barcelona-based DJ, Carmen's passion for music started from an early age. She began her singing career by making covers of popular artists and recently recorded her own album. The singer-songwriter will take you through the greatest pop, blues, soul, R&B, and house hits. She is at Amilla until May 7th, 2022.


Ivan is a multi-talented performer, hailing from Mexico and based in Turkey. He's performed his own show in collaboration with other artists at the top resorts in the Caribbean and the Pacific region. Ivan performs half-hour shows daily at Amilla, as well as 60-minute classes weekly for guests. He is at Amilla from January 5th till April 6th, 2022.


Alexandra trained under the famous Ekaterina Shustove from Cirque du Soleil. This incredible performer also teaches aerial silk and aerial ring techniques for adults and children (aged three and over). She has performed in Russia, China, the UK, and Malaysia. She is at Amilla from January 8th till April 6th, 2022.


Inna holds a Bachelor's degree in Circus and Variety Arts from Kyiv Municipal Academy. She has performed in Germany, the Bahamas, Turkey, Vietnam, Qatar, the UAE, and Israel. She is at Amilla from January 6th till April 6th, 2022.

Lunar New Year

Join us to celebrate this year's Lunar New Year with a special menu and celebrations on the 1st of February.

Valentine's Day in Maldives

Celebrate Love at Amilla on 14th February 2022 by reconnecting with your partner through fun-filled activities by day and romantic quality dining at night.


An Intuitive Holistic Therapist, Wellness Coach, and Meditation Facilitator, whose success is rooted in universal energy, self-empowerment, and a pragmatic approach to spirituality in our everyday lives. She will be a 'Visiting Practitioner' at Javvu Spa from 15 February till 15 March 2022.