• Complimentary Daily Ice Cream/Coffee at EBC from 3 pm till
  • Complimentary Wine Bottle
  • One complimentary cocktail per adult at sunset bar on day of arrival
  • Complimentary Upgrade (Subject to Availability). To be confirmed 24 hours before arrival/departure
  • Early Check In and Late Check Out (Subject to availability)
  • Complimentary Selected Activities from our Weekly Activity Calendar

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Wellness Resort Maldives

Wellness Your Way

Amilla Fushi is a pioneer in ensuring that guests in the Maldives can follow their ‘eating lifestyle’ whilst enjoying the food they love at our island resort. We recognize that wellness starts with the fuel you put into your body, so we offer a variety of plant-based options, low carb/keto specialties, gluten-free, dairy-free, and low lectin dishes. Whatever your path to Wellness is, we are here to walk beside you.

At Amilla Fushi, the Maldives keto-friendly resort, we are serious about the wellness of our guests and we are here to help you follow or try out lifestyle eating.

This ultra-low-carb, high in healthy fats way of eating is gaining popularity around the world and at Amilla Fushi we have been able to support this lifestyle with everything from MCT oil to bulletproof coffee and low carb sweet snacks.

With dishes designed by our visiting chef, Tora Olsson, our kitchen is able to produce delicious plant-based meals that are sure to satisfy.

This any inflammatory style of eating cut out foods that are high in lectins, replacing them with anti-inflammatory alternatives combined with grass-fed meat and healthy fats.

Gone are the days of gluten-free bread-like cardboard here at Amilla Fushi you can dine on delicious soft sandwich bread, crispy pizza bases, and homemade seedy crackers. All naturally gluten-free and tasty.

If you have any further requirements, our chefs are happy to cook something up to your preferences. 

Feeling Koi

A range of spaces set over the water set the romantic tone for our unique and contemporary signature restaurant. Our specialist sushi chef prepares the freshest of seafood to start your journey of discovery as the last of the sun’s rays dip below the horizon. Tables set on the balcony allow you to watch the marine life dart below as you enjoy the finest Japanese fusion cuisine including izakaya with a Latin twist. At the moment, this venue is open once per week with a set menu, hence the below menu is not available.

Barolo Grill

Homemade ingredients from our kitchens are used to prepare Barolo’s nourishing Italian fare. Dine at our spacious al fresco Italian restaurant with stunning views over the main pool and the ocean beyond. Experience succulent grills accompanied by vegetables freshly plucked from our organic garden, exquisite antipasti, and handmade pasta. A curated selection of Italian wines is on hand to perfect the dining experience. At the moment, this venue is open once per week with a set menu, hence the below menu is not available.


Treat your taste buds to piquant Asian cuisine at Amilla Fushi. Spicy Thai specialities, Indian spice-infused treats, Indonesian temptations. Dishes that take you on a journey across the East; a fresh exploration of noodles and soups to enjoy with your feet in the sand and a drink in your hand, followed by a lush plate of tropical fruit for dessert. At the moment, this venue is open once per week with a set menu, hence the below menu is not available.

Joe's Pizza

Indulge in a cornucopia of your favorite toppings, gooey cheeses, fresh herbs, and crispy bases. Satisfying creations made to order and tailored to your preferences. Overlooking the pool and lagoon, it’s just a short stroll from Amilla's turquoise waters. Joe's Pizza is suspended from operation for the time being, yet other venues are open with set menus from different cuisines rotating on a weekly basis.


Enjoy a blissful start to the day by the pool. Start the day with a soul-satisfying cooked breakfast to fuel your ocean adventures or a light Wellness Your Way dish of juicy tropical fruits and Homemade yogurt before a day of blissful sunbathing. Take a table under the trees or in the cool of the air-conditioned zone. Spots to relax and reflect as another perfect morning passes. Fresh is suspended from operation for the time being, yet other venues are open for breakfast with the below menu.

Baa Baa Bar

Perched beachside, our main bar offers perfectly mixed cocktails, selected fine wines and chilled beer for you to enjoy with your feet in the sand. Try homemade cocktail shrubs and spirits infused with ingredients grown right here on the island. Imbibe a chilled beverage as the sun casts its last golden light on the tranquil waters of our lagoon.


Enjoy a selection of fresh items, specially selected and blended to nourish your body and mind. Sample salads, wraps, sandwiches, juices and smoothies; all made with our Homegrown ingredients, picked just a few steps away. Explore our Homemade probiotic drinks from the ‘Kombucha and More’ menu. Complete the meal with a selection of delicious Homemade ice cream and sorbets.

Sunset Bar

Ice-cold cocktails, laidback beats drifting through the twilight, evenings interwoven with the magic of the Maldives.

Dine by Design

A once in a lifestyle dining experiences around the island

The Cellar Door

Thousands of wines in a rustic enclave. Bottles of red and crisp white varietals. Ready for tasting, perfect for indulging.


Amilla’s luxury villas are there to be enjoyed and your home delivery is just a call away.

Visiting Chefs

Renowned culinary talents, world-famous brands, the Visiting Chef programme adds spice and texture to Amilla Fushi dining.


Wake up to the infinity views of the Indian Ocean with breakfast on a floating tray in the comforts of your pool villa and build more memories with your loved one. For more information & bookings, please contact


Whether you follow a keto lifestyle, are vegan, low lectin, pescatarian, low fat or gluten-free we can cater to your dietary lifestyle. We can even do cocktail only.