We’re thrilled to have welcomed back into the Amilla family the award-winning martial arts guru, Aniket Bhosale.

We’re thrilled to have welcomed back into the Amilla family the award-winning martial arts guru, Aniket Bhosale. Aniket is staying with us at Amilla as a visiting practitioner until April, after having to cut short his stint with us last year due to the pandemic. Aniket is on hand to assist guests on their health and wellness journeys at our award-winning Javvu Spa.

With black belts in Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Kung Fu, Aniket is an inspirational figure to have on the island. Hailing Maharashtra, India, Aniket holds the titles of Kung Fu Master, Yogacharya, Sifu and National Coach and is an immensely spiritual character.

Guests can join Aniket, who studied under Indian Yoga Masters, for a variety of yoga practices including Ashtanga, Hatha, Sukshma, and the sleep-inducing Yoga Nidra. Aniket is also a Personal Trainer. Why not book a private session with him – or catch him when he drops by our various gyms to lend a helping hand. (By various ‘gyms’ we of course mean our sanitised main gym, private solo-use gym pods or fun outdoor Jungle Gymnasium).

As if that’s not enough, Aniket also can lead you in a meditation, assist with stress management techniques and guide Pranayama healing sessions.

More on Our Gyms

As part of our COVID safety programme, you can book private gym times for yourself or you and your partner/family group. The main gym is fully sanitised between each guest booking, so everyone can work out in a hygienic environment. We also converted two of our spa pods into private mini work out spaces. The pods have a smaller range of equipment but enable more guests to enjoy a safer workout consecutively. We’re also hugely proud of our Jungle Gymnasium, located in the shade of the jungle and featuring playful ‘island’ equipment such as coconut pulleys.

Customisable Wellness

While we’re not a wellness resort as such, we do offer a variety of contemporary wellness services. They range from our pioneering Wellness Your Way meals programme to Javvu spa’s holistic therapies including massages, facials, yoga, pilates, meditation and the unique Sensora system (a technologically advanced light and sound therapy).

With Wellness Your Way, you can enjoy healthy dishes catering to all eating lifestyles, including vegan, keto, paelo, low lectin and more. Our dishes can even be customised. We want to make it easy as pie (pun intended) for you to continue your eating lifestyle while on holiday at Amilla.

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