Introducing Our Solo Gym Pods

The creative wizards on our island have created these mini solo-use gyms for any guests who want to work out alone, either for health reasons or just because they enjoy a bit of privacy. They turned three of our spa pods into the new private ‘gym pods’. Each pod can be fully customised to suit your preference of gym equipment, from elliptical trainers to weight machines and treadmills.

The main idea behind the new gym pods was to give our guests their own private air-conditioned space that is physically distanced from other guests. Every surface in each pod and each piece of equipment is thoroughly sanitised between each use. An added bonus is that the pods can also help our high-profile guests (such as A-list celebrities and royalty) to keep up with their fitness routines in complete privacy.

Gym Options Galore

As well as the new gym pods we’re also offering guests two other options, tailored to our safety protocols. You can book a slot at the main gym just for you (or you and your companion). This, of course, is also thoroughly cleaned between each use.

Or you might also want to discover our amazing new outdoor ‘Jungle Gymnasium’. With a magnificent banyan tree at its heart, this playful adult exercise area features all kinds of exciting equipment such as climbing ropes, pull-up bars, a climbing net and even a yoga trapeze. And of course, no Jungle Gymnasium would be complete without monkey bars.

Located beneath the jungle canopy, Amilla’s Jungle Gymnasium offers ample space between each piece of equipment (meticulously cleaned after use). This fun new space reflects Amilla’s playful Maldivian spirit, whilst also providing practical solutions to the ‘new’ landscape of holidaying in 2020. It also has some of the best views of any gym in the world!

Safer at Amilla

We hope these innovations will help mitigate any concerns you might have about working out while on holiday. The creation of the new pods is just one of the many changes we’ve made to make Amilla one of the safest islands in the Maldives. It’s part of our comprehensive COVID-19 prevention strategy that we implemented when we reopened in mid-July.

All guests are also given a free PCR test on arrival in the Maldives and temperature checks when they’re welcomed to the island.

Lockdown Workouts

Did you already check out our workout videos? During the resort’s temporary hiatus, we created some fun ‘lockdown workouts’ on Instagram’s IGTV for viewers at home daydreaming about visiting the Maldives. We’re thrilled you can now experience our gyms and personal trainers in person, but you can check out our videos any time, even when you’re back at home.

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