The Ultimate Sundowner Spot

The Ultimate Sundowner Spot

It could never be said that we don’t like feedback – in fact, we use it to inspire new concepts here at Amilla. When you said you’d love us to have a bar right on the sand so that you can admire the sunset, your wish was our command. So, we created Baa Baa Bar, our new west-facing bar, right on the beach.

Baa Baa Bar complements our existing Sunset Bar, which located on a deck elevated over the lagoon at our signature restaurant, Feeling Koi. But the big difference between the two bars is that at Baa Baa Bar, you can now dig your toes in the sand of the beach as you admire the natural light show each evening from sea level.

Amilla Maldives is renowned for constantly innovating, and the temporary shutdown last year gave us an incredible opportunity to ring in the changes without disturbing a single guest. The sides of Baa Baa Bar are completely open, so you can enjoy the uninterrupted views of the ocean from indoors or outdoors.

Tempting Menus

One of the highlights of Baa Baa Bar’s menu is the Sunset Hour Martinis, every Saturday from 7 pm to 8 pm. This menu was created especially for Baa Baa Bar and includes temptations such as a Rosemary Martini, with a fresh sprig of rosemary from Amilla’s organic garden and  Homemade@Amilla Rosemary Simple Syrup. Or how about an Oishi Oishi Martini, with exotic butterfly pea flowers and Butterfly Pea Flower Simple Syrup.

You can also enjoy a range of craft cocktails such as the Sloe Summer (with Homemade@Amilla sloe gin) or a selection of Living Cocktails, which feature live probiotic cultures or are fermented for their health benefits. The magic ingredients include Amilla’s lacto-fermented Living Lemonade, homemade kombucha and homemade tepache.

Cocktail Masterclass

You can even join a cocktail masterclass at Baa Baa Bar (a play on words using the name of our atoll – Baa Atoll) to learn how to make some cocktails at home for yourself. Fine wines, probiotic sodas, teas and premium beers complete Baa Baa Bar’s beverage line-up.

Delicious Nibbles

Baa Baa Bar also offers an enticing post-dinner menu to suit every mood. Night owls can enjoy signature cocktails or a delicious treat such as coconut cheesecake, while those turning in for the night can sip on a sleep tonic such as golden milk with turmeric or Ayurvedic ashwagandha (winter cherry) tea.