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Events and Entertainment

Events in Maldives

Amilla embodies a philosophy and lifestyle. Here’s why the Amilla experience stands out among other Maldives 5 star resorts.

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Stargazing and Full Moon Experience

Selected dates between 4 October 2022 and 8 January 2023

Stargazing is a magical way to bring science alive and to experience the beauty of our natural world. Looking up at the great canopy of space is a powerful experience, which everyone can enjoy. The clear night skies are an excellent form of escapism, acting as a powerful mindful meditation tool. Amilla Maldives is no short of dark-sky areas, with stars ready to be explored by anyone wishing to jump aboard the astral train with SpaceCat. As you drench in awe of the vastness of the star-filled sky, you get to feel the connection to nature. You get to learn that you are small in a good way, part of a larger infinite whole.


The sun embraces your skin in a warm caress as azure waters softly lap the pristine shore. This beautiful setting is the dream location for your wedding or vow renewal ceremony. Amilla is an enchanting backdrop for celebrating your nuptials, with tropical scenery, seclusion, privacy and luxurious villa’s.


Pixie Lott

December 26th till January 6th 2023 - Victoria Louise Lott, better known by her stage name Pixie Lott, is an English singer and songwriter. Her debut album, Turn It Up, released in September 2009, reached number six on the UK Albums Chart and sold over 1.5 million copies. Pixie will be performing at Amilla this festive season. 

Tim Sherwood

December 24th till January 3rd - Timothy Alan Sherwood is an English professional football manager and former player who played as a midfielder. As a player, he was a midfielder from 1987 until 2005, notably as captain of Blackburn Rovers' Premier League title-winning side in 1995. Tim will be conducting a football camp at Amilla Maldives this festive season. 

Scott Mills

December 27th till January 3rd - Scott Robert Mills is an English radio DJ, television presenter and occasional actor. He is best known for presenting the Scott Mills show on BBC Radio 1 from 2004 to 2022 and since then, on BBC Radio 2. Mills has also been a UK commentator for the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. Scott will be entertaining guests at Amilla Maldives this festive season. 


Dates: 28 September 2022 till 29 September 2023

Ivan is a multi-talented performer, hailing from Mexico and based in Turkey. He has performed his own show in collaboration with other artists at the top resorts in the Caribbean and the Pacific region. His performances consist of fire dancing, LED shows and stilts walking. Besides that, he gives acrobatics, fire(less) dancing and juggling classes. 


Dates: 9 August 2022 till 6 January 2023

Anna is an experienced acrobat with a Master degree in Sports. She has been working as a circus artist in the National Circus of Ukraine. Her performances consist of aerial gymnastics, juggling and poi spinning. Besides that, she gives aerial gymnastics and stretching classes as well as private aerial yoga classes.


Dates: 9 June 2022 till 30 November 2022

Coming from an Island of Maldives, Moosa Samaau is an experienced musician, a skilled vocalist and keyboardist. He is an avid traveler with 8+ years of experience under his wing in instruments like drums, accordion, harmonica, handpan, saxophone, loopers and percussion, while being adept in composition, recording and production. Among his repertoire includes mixed genres of music from, soul, classic, retro, latest hits, ambient, blues, alternative rock, and more that suits for a wide audience. Classes: Piano, handpan, and bodu beru drum.


Dates: 1 January 2022 till 30 October 2022

DJ Tappu has performed at various music festivals in Thailand and Sri Lanka, and as a resident DJ for Maldivian resorts. With over 16 years of experience, he plays a wide range of musical genres, specializing in hip hop, R&B, and house. He performs as a DJ during guest cocktails and can be found playing his more upbeat songs in the evening in Baa Bar. 


Dates: 1 January 2022 till 31 December 2023

Bodu Beru, is the big drums of the Maldives, a part of its culture and is the heart of traditional Maldivian music. Our Bodu Beru drummers show a magical amalgamation of drums, vocals, and dance. They perform during the weekly guest cocktails and the Maldivian Night. Besides that, they can brighten any celebration with their private performances. 


Dates: 17 October 2022 till 6 January 2023

Yang Wei introduced himself to the industry by winning the best comedy magician awards in 2009. He has an uncanny ability to break the ice and allows everyone to enjoy themselves with his surprising program. His performances consist of comedy, magic and fire eating and he gives magic and illusionist classes for young and old.